24K Gold iPod

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24K Gold iPod

Everyone and their brother/sister has an iPod, right? Sure Apple offers multi-colored iPods, though the white model is still the most popular. So how do you stand out from the crowd from all the other iPod users? What if you want to "bling bling" your iPod with some diamonds or gold just to be different? After all, you can get some blinged out mobile phones, including the gold RAZR V3i phones carried by Dolce & Gabbana boutiques. You can even get some blinged out diamond-encrusted Bluetooth headsets such as the Pama Diamante Bluetooth Headset (left), so why not a blinged out iPod?

Well, look no further than Amosu's line of Apple iPods with 24 Carat Gold!

A 80GB gold-plated Video iPod retails for £399.00, while the 30GB model goes for £299.00 So if you need to get your iPod blinged, go check it out. Just don't be showing it off in while riding any New York subways - you're just asking for trouble.

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