Altec Lansing Goes inMotion for High-Quality iPod Sound

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Altec Lansing Goes inMotion for High-Quality iPod Sound

While many may think of Bose when it comes to high-quality iPod or MP3 player speakers, I think they’d be making a big mistake if they didn’t take more notice of Altec Lansing’s inMotion products, particularly the iM7 portable audio system.

The roll-shaped unit is the perfect companion for any MP3 player, not only iPod and iPod mini’s with its built-in cradle.  Even better, it will also work with CD players and other audio devices, including older iPods and even laptop computers, and also offers a video output for the iPod photo so images can be viewed on most TVs.

Noted for the long history of professional sound systems, Altec Lansing has applied their well-earned reputation to consumer sound.  The iM7's impressive sound comes from two pairs of highly advanced neodymium 3-inch drivers and 1-inch tweeters, plus a powerful, built-in XdB™-enhanced side-firing subwoofer for enhanced bass.

A wireless remote provides across-the-room command of both the iM7 and iPod, allowing perfect adjustment of your music.  The iM7 also charges your iPod while it plays when connected to the AC adapter.  With batteries, you can take the whole system with you wherever you need high-powered, high-quality sound.

Let the good times roll!

MSRP: $249.95, with street prices running just under $200.

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