Creative Technology Sues Apple Over iPod

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Creative Technology Sues Apple Over iPod

Who would ever think that the Wall Street Journal is must reading for real gadget guys and gals? (let's not use "gadget gurus" please)?

Well, today's edition has a very interesting article about how Creative Technology (best known for its Zen line of MP3 players) is suing Apple over violating its patent on the navigation technology and the method of organizing and accessing music. 

Not to be outdone, Apple is countersuing in two separate instances -- the first alleges that Creative infringed on four patents on Apple's digital music players and the second that Creative infringed on three more patents. (A real "he said, she said" debate.)

Now what's really interesting is that apparently Apple's Steve Jobs approached Creative before Apple had the iPod to possibly license Creative's technology or with a suggestion that Creative spin off that division into a separate company in which Apple would invest.

But why go into all of the details here, when you can read all about it yourself at

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