Exercise to earn free ring tones, videos, MP3 music files

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Exercise to earn free ring tones, videos, MP3 music files

Are you a music, ringtone, or Internet video addict, but can't stand going to the gym to exercise? Well, why not use your music & video addiction to your advantage ? Sony Ericsson has a patent on a "rewards / punishment" system that will give you a free ringtone, mp3, or video file if you meet your exercise goals - say 10,000 steps per week, but it will also delete one of your precious files (ringtone, mp3 file, etc.) if you miss your goal. Ouch!

here's an excerpt of the patent:

A wireless communications device includes a motion-detecting device, such as a pedometer, that generates a signal upon detecting the user's motion. Quantified characteristics of the user motion are stored in memory of the wireless communications device. The quantified characteristics represent a predetermined objective that the user desires to achieve by performing the motion. A processor receives the signal from the motion-detecting device and uses the signal to monitor selected characteristics of the user's motion. The processor compares the selected characteristics and, when the comparison indicates that the user has achieved the predetermined objective, downloads reward data to the wireless communications device.

Further, you could have two people competing to help each other lose weight, that could compare users' exercise scores. The person who clocked the most steps then "steals" a reward from the loser’s device.

Of course, this incentive program only works if you don't keep backup copies of your music and ring tone collection on your PC. Otherwise, you'll be tempted to "cheat" simply by reloading the files. Though, you are still faced with the disgrace of losing to your competitor(s). Place your bets when the first lawsuit will ensue due to someone "pushing" themselves too hard to beat their friends and causing some sort of personal injury.

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