(Extreme) FreeStyle Audio: I Like It

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(Extreme) FreeStyle Audio: I Like It

Now there are MP3 players and there are MP3 players. Been playing around with Freestyle Audio's DMP for a little while, and I like it. Here's my review - Built especially for extreme sports use, it's a great unit that can take the abuse that those sports -- and teens and pre-teens -- throw at it.

(That's the real life, out of the lab test.)

IOt's really a very, very light compact and waterproof unit that plays songs randomly, like the ole iPod Shuffle, and is built to take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. It can take a hard fall and keep playing, with the vrystal clear sound still intact.

And you get up to 40 hours of playing time on a single charge -- more than enough for any extreme sport.

The controls are simple: A couple of rubber buttons (actually more like little nubs) stick out from the body and let you control everything you need -- volume, play/stop/forward and backward.

The surprisingly good headphones go around you ears, have comfortable form-fitting, one-size-fits-all earpieces and stay on well -- and are waterproof. It also come with a neoprene armband or lanyard.

What else is in the box: USB cable, user guide and Playlist software (PC only).

MSRP: 1GB -- $199.95; 512MB -- $99.95; 256MB -- $139.95

You can get the 512MB model on Amazon pretty cheap.


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