Fun in the Sun (and Water?): Keeping That iPod Dry

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Fun in the Sun (and Water?): Keeping That iPod Dry

Now here'a a really good idea for summer fun in the sun (and water) -- Allsop's Splash Pack DriPod!

(And the way it's been raining in the Northeast, this might work well ...)

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

Whether we’re talking cassette walkmans, CD players or iPods, portable music allows us to create a soundtrack for nearly every moment of our lives.

Until now the only concern has been our electronics surviving the elements: the sand at the beach, the water out in the bay or the splashing by the pool. Well, now those moments in nature can have their soundtrack, too.

The Splash Pack is an air-tight case for your iPod. Protect it from water, sand, Jell-o or anything else nature can throw at you. And unlike those hard cases, the Splash Pack lets you adjust the volume, jump to the next song or browse your music catalog while keeping your iPod sealed and protected.

Price: $19.99 (large); $14.99 (small)

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