Griffin's Got the Power (iPod Road Power)

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Griffin's Got the Power (iPod Road Power)

Griffin Technology offers oodles of products for the iPod -- not a bad way to run a business!

The PowerBlock Travel is the ultimate travel pack; it can charge your iPod wherever you go. The twin flat-blade, non-polarized prongs fit into any twin-prong outlets -- ideal for international use, but, more importantly (or "at least"), the package includes adapters that cover every kind of AC connection you'll encounter in your globe trekking. 
PowerBlock handles voltages from 110 to 240 AC, converting seamlessly to the 12 Volt DC that you (actually your gadgets) need.

What's more, the PowerBlock Travel includes a Griffin dock connector cable for your iPod.

Now you never need to leave your iPod at home -- no matter where you go! Don't leave home without it!

MSRP: $34.99

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