HD Radio Increasingly Goin' Mobile

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HD Radio Increasingly Goin' Mobile

people.Par.0033.Image.jpgAudi of America joined a growing list of car makers that will offer HD Radio as standard equipment in new cars.

Audi will include HD Radio on many of its vehicles starting in calendar 2010 for the 2011 model year, it said. Other companies offering HD Radio as a standard feature in at least one model include Hyundai, Ford and Volvo.

Other luxury car makers who offer HD Radio as an option include Mercedes Benz, BMW and Jaguar.

Currently approximately 1,800 AM/FM stations broadcast in HD Radio and there are now 900 multicast (extra) HD Radio channels on the FM dial.

Now let's make sure we fill all that air time with some really good music or slice the many different genres so thin that we have individual channels for individual groups -- why not?

Why not indeed!

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