How Many NYC Marathons with Nike+?

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How Many NYC Marathons with Nike+?

With the New York City Marathon this weekend -- Sunday to be exact -- got to wondering how many runners will be equipped with MP3 players to pass the time (does add a bit of weight, though).

That thought then moved on to how many runners will be get up with Nike+ shoes, the Nike+iPod Sport Kit and an iPod Nano? This is the setup that puts the iPod in the shoe (could cause a bit of a balance problem, eh?).

Bet the top runners won't be passing the time this way, but would make mucho sense to go the mobile music route for the marathoners out for the fun of it.

Hey, and if not music, then how about mobile phone calls during the race? Get the Bluetooth set up, get the earpiece attached nicely and find a spot for the phone.

Will anyone still be running with headphones and a CD player or cassette player or AM/FM radio? Bet there will be some.


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