How Much Is That Song in the Window?

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How Much Is That Song in the Window?

Everybody (including me) wonders why music downloads all cost 99 cents (or so).

(OK, Wal-mart is 88 cents per song).

Well, now we have an interesting article today about wholesale music download pricing -- a fancy term for how much music download sites, like iTunes, etc., pay record labels for songs. 

Well, does anyone out there care to venture a guess?

Times up -- it's apparently 70 cents per song, which gives the labels a nice piece of change and the download sites a nice markup.  That's apparently information contained in a lawsuit that the record labels don't want made public -- the better to see potential price fixing? A very bad, as in capital B, thing.

Did anyone come up with that number?

Without any physical items attached to the music (no CD to press, no jewel case to buy, no printing to be concerned about, no distribution costs), seems like 70 cents per song is a very nice payoff indeed for the record labels. 

And I bet the artists whose music is being downloaded will be very interested to know how much the labels are making ...


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