mobiBLU Says Let's Get (MP3) Small

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mobiBLU Says Let's Get (MP3) Small

Wanted to get this in before CES opens today … At truly only 1 inch in size (and 1 ounce in weight), mobiBLU’s Cube DAH-1500i is the world's smallest, full-featured digital audio player.  Smaller than a ping-pong ball, the Cube combines storage for hundreds of songs (250 in MP3 format or 500 in WMA) with a voice recorder, clock, calendar and sleep timer.  Max storage capacity is 1 GB!

The Cube offers a single multi-function mini jack that allows USB 2.0 connectivity for faster music downloads along with stereo audio output, battery charging and headphone/ear bud/antenna connection.  Playing time is an amazing 8-10 hours on a single charge.  No extra battery or external charger is required; it can be easily recharged by connecting into the USB port of your computer.

Both PC and Mac-compatible, it supports MP3, WMA, WMA and DRM digital audio formats.  Audio includes five preset EQ modes -- Normal/Rock/Jazz/Pop/Classic; you can also create customize equalization to suit your taste, while the SRS WOW 3D Surround Sound and Bass enhances your listening experience.  A necklace headphone is included if you like to wear your MP3 player around your neck as jewelry (and why not?).

Available in red, silver, black, blue, orange and pink, the blue OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display provides superior sharpness in a bright, easy-to-read display.  The FM Radio Receiver and Recorder lets you listen to and record FM programming, and the USB 2.0 Flash Drive can be used as storage for other types of files if needed.  A built-in, high-quality microphone allows you to record notes on the go.

Available at Wal-mart or Target for just under $130.00

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