Newer Technology: Solving the iPod Battery Problem

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Newer Technology: Solving the iPod Battery Problem

The iPod is certainly a lot of fun, but not when the battery dies (come think of it, what product is?). However, battery replacement for the iPod has a shrouded-in-mystery feeling when you have to send or take it somewhere special to have the battery replaced.

Now, Newer Technology has solved that problem with its super-duper, handy-dandy, ultra-awesome NuPower High-Capacity iPod Replacement Battery. Oh, by the way, the NuPower actually increases capacity as compared to the original Apple battery; the iPod mini, for example, gets a 50% boost.

Although they recommend that a qualified service install the battery (and help to find one is available at, they do include two screwdrivers with the battery for the DIY set. The web site has a follow-the-bouncing ball, step-by-step QuickTime instruction video (

Retail price: $24.95 (for the iPod mini). Batteries for other iPods from $14.95 to $29.95.

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