Now for Something Really Useful: 'SNL' for iPod

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Now for Something Really Useful: 'SNL' for iPod

How much can we write about the iPod!  Lots, because there is simply so much news about Apple's little wonder. Under the "Now Here Is Something Really Useful" category comes news that Apple will sell a limited number of old Saturday Night Live skits through iTunes for $1.99 each. The skits can be viewed on video iPods or PCs.

Couple of funny skits in this limited collection, but let's bring out the really classic classics -- Dan Aykroyd's "Bass-o-Matic," "Two Wild and Crazy Guys" with Steve Martin and "Samurai Deli" with John Belushi (all skit names are approximations, but you know which ones I mean!). The older the better ...

Let me know what sketches you want to see made available! Let's make it "Really Useful."

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