NYko's iTop Tops iPod

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NYko's iTop Tops iPod

Judging by the long lines at the Apple store last night, plenty of folks still expect to give and/or receive an iPod Nano or Video this holiday season. If you've already got one (or the other), there are oodles of devices to enhance the iPod experience.

Just checked out another one from Nyko Technologies; it's called the iTop. The company calls this clever little device is a "button relocator" and that's exactly what it does. It relocates the iPod controls from the famous wheel to the top of the device for easy access -- particularly when jogging or exercising (or even if you have to make a fast "tune up"); the controls can be accessed without exposing the screen or removing the iPod from a pocket or carrying case.

Compactly designed, it makes "iPod white" and is powered by the iPod -- no batteries are required.

List price: $29.99; street price closer to $20.

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