Power on the Go! APC's Mobile Power Pack

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Power on the Go! APC's Mobile Power Pack

It's a very simple premise -- why not create a light-weight battery that allows you to charge any number of mobile devices, rather than having a dedicated battery for each device?

Simple, but apparently not that easy to do -- until now.

APC's new Mobile Power Pack (UPB10)allows you to simultaneously charge and power your mobile phone and handheld computer using USB charging cables (sold separately, but you probably have them already). It works both with USB and min-USB devices to charge via te USB cable.
Although it retails for $69.99, you can pick up one on Amazon for a steal price of around $29.99

There are three really beautiful design elements in this gadget -- its weight (only 105 g), its size (approximately 4 inches x 2.5 inches x 0.5 inches) and its ability to charge any number number of the gadgets you always have on you. It's incredibly easy to use.

Plus (a big plus!) look at these additional runtimes:

  • iPod Nano/Flash MP3 players (playing music) -- 55 hours
  • iPod Video/HDD MP3 players (playing movies) -- 10 hours
  • RazR V3/Mobile phones (talk time) -- 10 hours
  • Blackberry/Treo (email and talk time) -- 9 hours
  • Sony PSP (playing time) -- 5 hours

Price: $69.99. (Note: It's only $29.99 on Amazon)

Small is beautiful!

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