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Radio Radio

radio radio 200px-Ecatarr.jpgRadio beats CD and MP3s when it comes to music listening, according to a recent survey.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans said they listen to music nearly every day, according to the report.

The radio hasn't lost its luster with music listening fans despite the popularity of CD and MP3 players and other sources to tune into sound, a recent poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports has found.

A plurality of adults (42%) said they still prefer to turn on their radios to listen to music. That beat the 25% of respondents that said they most often use a CD player when listening to tunes and 14% that use an MP3 player.

Just under 10% turned to satellite radio, while only 5% listened over their computer and a scant 1% used a tape deck.

Not surprisingly, young adults (45%) were more likely to use an MP3 player than their elders (22%), the survey said.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans said they listen to music everyday or nearly everyday.

While more popular with younger listeners, 69% of respondents said they rarely or never download music, while 18% said they do that occasionally. Of those that download, 71% said they do it legally, while 3% admitted that they pirated tunes. The balancer (26%) were unsure if they downloaded music legally or illegally.

A vast majority -- 90% -- said they did not belong to a monthly music service. But those who said they download music daily or at least once a week were more likely to do it illegally than those who do it once a week or less frequently. 

More at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

And how many of you remember Elvis Costello's single, "Radio Radio"? (Thanks to Wikipedia for the date.)

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