Sony Introduces New Format for Audio CDs

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Sony Introduces New Format for Audio CDs

NEWS-18939-2a2d45c8c40a3d6d707ffcc5edfafa8c.jpg.l.jpegJust what the world needs!

Sony has launched a new audio CD format dubbed Blu-spec, which apparently allows users to burn discs with the Blu Laser Diode system without losing compatibility with existing CD drives.

(Backwards compatibility is always a good idea with any kind of new product!) 

(BTW, do you think they will try to revive Digital Audio Tape -- remember DAT? -- anytime soon?) 

Sony expects to offer about 60 titles by Christmas and holiday season shopping time, but Blu-spec discs currently are only available in Japan.

(Be great if the Blue Man Group were involved in the marketing and promotion ... I accept no fee for that free marketing advice.)

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