Unsigned Artists Get Their Own Upload Site

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Unsigned Artists Get Their Own Upload Site

I used to have a lot of fun looking throught the cut-out bins at record stores for LPs by artists that looked or sounded interesting.

(Does anybody know what I'm talking about?)

And I used to find some good albums and artists that I might not have ever heard about.

Now, in a similar vein but with a modern twist, www.MP3Musicgrams.com, a free music promotion site that features MP3 music uploads, and Musicgrams, have entered into an online artist promotion and revenue sharing partnership with MusicGorilla.com. Both of these sites offer unique services for new unsigned artists to promote their music.

MusicGorilla.com places artist’s music directly onto pages built for major labels, indie labels and film studios. Artists get access to free submissions for film, TV and video games; they are eligible for free live label showcases, digital distribution and more. MusicGorilla.com does not take any piece of any deals made on the site.

Music fans can preview and send music without effectively downloading the MP3 and have the ability to forward the Musicgram to other friends and fans once received and opened up.

In the Music Fan and artist contest that runs through December 11, artists and bands (in all musical genres from rock to country to hip hop) can upload a promo MP3, image and add their website link to direct users back to their site.

It works for both fans and bands.

Let me know if it works for you.


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