Amazon Down Due to Pricing Error or Metal Gear Bundle?

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Amazon Down Due to Pricing Error or Metal Gear Bundle?

Several bloggers were abuzz with the news of Amazon's website being down today.

One site claims "Some customers reported that traffic caused the site to slow down considerably". The reason? "THOUSANDS of customers were in shopping heaven today when a pricing error on Amazon’s UK website caused online chaos." It adds, "For two hours, the entertainment giant was advertising massive discounts on several DVD box sets including a 44-disc set of hit US drama West Wing for just £17.97." And says, "Sales of Family Guy shot up over 200,000%, according to the Movers & Shakers chart on Amazon." Wow!

here's the full story on the possible cause of Amazon being down:

PS3fanboy claims the Metal Gear bundle killed the website.

Perhaps a combination of the two? Perhaps yet another "perfect storm" which also caused the Skype outage.

Only time will tell as to the true cause. In the meantime, fellow bloggers are reporting that Amazon's EC2 and S3 services are online and unaffected.

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