Cingular to offer unlimited calling to AT&T

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Cingular to offer unlimited calling to AT&T

TechDirt has an interesting post about how Cingular is testing a program where its customers can make unlimited calls to AT&T landlines for $6 a month. $6 bucks per month just to have unlimited calls to AT&T landlines? That's just crazy talk! If I were to pay for this program using say Vonage's VoIP unlimited plan, the overall phone bill for Cingular/AT&T would be 24% more than Vonage's unlimited plan. What lame brain marketing guy or financial analyst over at AT&T & Cingular (now simply AT&T) dreamed up this hairbrain scheme?

TechDirt hits the nail on the head when he says:

Rather than make a play for the $6 per month in additional revenues, they'd do better to simply make it free to call AT&T landlines, using the feature as a competitive differentiator, as well as a loyalty tool and an incentive for people to hang on to their AT&T fixed lines.
Well said TechDirt... well said.

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