CompUSA store closings

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CompUSA store closings

CompUSA will close more than half of its retail computer and electronics stores in the next two to three months. CompUSA said it would shutter 126 stores - it currently operates 225 in the U.S. and Puerto Rico - within 90 days as part of a massive restructuring. Wow, first Radio Shack closes 700 stores, and now this? What's happening to these major name-brand brick-n-mortar electronics and PC stores?

Apple HQ - CupertinoMeanwhile, Apple seems to be opening a new Apple Store every week - 174 and counting... Maybe it's part of Steve Jobs diabolical plan to give Bill Gates a 15 year head start on being the leading revenue generator for bring-n-mortar electronics/PCs/software stores. Something smells fishy in Cupertino!

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