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BitTyrant: Selfishness Comes To BitTorrent

January 8, 2007

Interesting Bittorrent news I came across on O'Reilly. Here's an excerpt:

One of the key tenants of BitTorrent is that you have to contribute (upload) to receive (download). BitTyrant is a new client that finds a way to be selfish within the BT protocols by selectively uploading to peers based on their upload capacity. It was created by researchers to test the robustness of BT's incentives.

Buying a Tesla Roader could be Risky

December 6, 2006

The Tesla Roadster is one of the hottest cars on the planet. In addition to being an exotic looking vehicle, it's also 100% electric, goes 0-60mph in about 4 seconds, gets about 135 mpg (equivalent), 250 miles per charge, and Tesla claims it only costs about $0.01 per mile. Wow, fast and environmentally friendly, who couldn't love that? Puts my gas-guzzling V10 Dodge Viper to shame.

Russell Shaw's new TMC blog launches

November 14, 2006

Dialogic delivers industry's 1st multimedia processing platform for AdvancedTCA

November 8, 2006

IPNetworked added to Gigaom blog family

November 6, 2006

Om Malik has added a new blog to his portfolio called IPNetworked. According to Om, "IPNetworked is a blog that will exclusively track the telecom carriers, cable companies, Internet service providers, Web hosting services, and the data centers. Speed changes, legislative matters, price cuts, and IPTV – it will cover a wide gamut of topics."

Russell Shaw will be one of the writers on this new blog. Congrats Russell on the new writing diggs after leaving VON Magazine.

ZTMax iMage driverless USB camera

November 1, 2006

New USB video camera from ZTMax that is driver-less called the iMage. Essentially, it's a driverless CCD webcam that works on both PC and MAC. Not requiring a driver is pretty cool, but do we need another USB camera on an already USB camera-saturated market?

- 640 x 480 (VGA) 1/7-inch color CCD sensor.
- 15 frames per second.
- USB Interface 2.0.
- Compatible operating systems WINDOWS XP SP2, MAC OS X (10.4.3)
- Screw holes for wall mounting.
- Screw holes for tripod mount.
- Magnetic Mount.
- Certification FCC/CE/MIC
- Height: 2 5/16" (44mm)
- Width: 1 3/4" (25mm)
- Length: 1" (58mm)
- Works with: MSN Messenger, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM and more...
- Accessories: One 5ft, Type-A to Mini-B USB 2.0 cable, One Travel bag
- 1 Yr Warranty

Digg outage

October 27, 2006

The beauty of San Diego

October 12, 2006

Both Rich Tehrani and Jon Arnold have posted some great photos while attending ITEXPO that give you not only a flavor of what's happening at ITEXPO, but also show the beauty of San Diego. I have to say, San Diego is one of my favorite locations to hold a tradeshow due to the nice weather, great restaurants, and just the overall beauty and character of this city. I hope TMC continues to have our West Coast show in this city, though I due miss when we held ITEXPO at the Hotel Del Coronodo hotel - a famous hotel with a rich history - including the location for the Some Like it Hot movie with Marilyn Monroe and is allegedly haunted. Alas, ITEXPO quickly outgrew the Hotel Del, which required we move to a convention center.

Running into fellow VoIP bloggers and some VoIP news

October 10, 2006

I just arrived in sunny San Diego after a very turbulent JetBlue flight from JFK airport. Although it was a bumpy ride, the 37 channels of DirecTV certainly helped pass the 5hrs and 40 minutes away. After arriving at my hotel, I learned my room wasn't ready, so decided to head on over to the convention center to check out what was happening on the first day of Internet Telephony Conference & Expo. Since I couldn't check in and change into business attire (a suit), I headed over wearing a casual short-sleeve polo shirt, jeans, and sneakers. There should be a rule that VoIP bloggers don't have to wear suits anyway.

DigitalLife Is Free

September 20, 2006

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