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Pixel Ads for blogs

Another pixel ad site recently launched called BlogBillboard.com to try and copy the success of The Million Dollar Home Page. Ironically, Vahid Hashemian, TMC's webmaster forwarded me an email about the The Million Dollar Home Page auctioning off the last 1,000 pixels on eBay to "own a piece of history" - in this case the "last" 1,000 pixels of the site that made pixel ads famous. I recently wrote about one copy-cat site called SmashMyViper that is selling pixel ads to key, smash, and otherwise destroy a beautiful Dodge Viper.

Anyway, a few days ago the BlogBillboard's Scott (Sed) King emailed me with the following:


Happy New Year!
I will be brief in my email. I researched your email because your weblogs are among the top rated on the internet. I have started a VISUAL Blog Directory called "BlogBillboard.com" and I would like you to be one of the founding members.

You may have seen the MillionDollarHomepage recently in the news. I purchased the code in hopes to use it to create an online billboard for bloggers and modified the code so pixels are only 25¢ each. I myself am a young entrepreneur and developed this site to promote Blogs, help pay off student loans, and create an entrepreneur seed fund.

How often can a Blogger have the potential to capture millions of viewers? (Besides Mark Cuban and Bob Parsons) I urge you to take a look at the site, even if you just use it as a resource.

His flattery of my blog aside, which may be simply to try and get me to promote his pixel ad site, he does seem to be off to a good start with ads from the Onion and the popular gadget site, Gizmodo. Of course, perhaps he "seeded" his site by putting up ads free of charge? Who knows? One unique aspect is his pixels are 1/4th of the typical $1 per pixel you pay. While he may be JACC (Just Another Copy-Cat), if you are looking to promote you blog inexpensively, you might want to consider advertising on the BlogBillBoard.

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