Smash my Viper to earn a million dollars?

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Smash my Viper to earn a million dollars?

Everyone knows about the Million Dollar Homepage and the dozens of imitators that let you buy pixel ad space on a web page. It was a clever idea that just about everyone scoffed at, though he claims to have raised almost $850,000 in just a matter of months. Now there are all sorts of copycats out there offering pixels for sale.

However, none of these copycats from the original Million Dollar Homepage have been nearly as successful or drawn nearly the same amount of publicity - until now. Jason Gunther, a 23 year old College Grad is selling pixel ad space on his website in exchange for letting people mangle, scratch, dent, bat, break, and just plain destroy his most prized possession - a Dodge Viper. The horror! Why? Why would he do this? As a Viper owner myself, the thought of auctioning off ad space in exchange for smashing an American icon just seemed like heresy.

After the initial shock of learning he would be allowing people to destroy his Viper, I learned that Jason Gunther plans on sacrificing his Viper to raise money to pay off his debts and open a bar. There is no mention of him taking the $1,000,000 and buying at least a dozen Vipers, but I'm hoping that's also his intent. Then the sacrifice of his original Viper will not have been in vain! ;)

For a starting cost of $100 you request that Smash My Viper "key" the Viper (6 inches worth). For $500 you can drill a hole in the Viper. For $2500 you can take a Louisville Slugger bat and smash the Viper, and for $5000, you can do any damage request you want. He also has pictures of several attractive SmashMyViper girls called posing on and around his car and if you add an additional $100 the girl will do your damage. He is also promising lots of videos and pictures of its destruction. I wouldn't put it past the Corvette forum members from starting a collection to buy some pixels and then spell out "Vipers suck" or "Vipers blow" using drill holes.

His intro rap video is pretty funny. It starts out "You even been cruisin' down the highway in your Ford Taurus and some rich fool in a Dodge Viper passes you at 145mph. Well now's your chance to get back at em'. We're crushing a Dodge Viper for a million bucks. Yeah! 1 - 2 -3..." - then the main rap song begins. Ironically, my wife drives a Ford Taurus and I have passed her doing 145mph! :) Pretty professionally edited. I just wonder if he spent half a million just on production costs and hiring the models, only leaving him with $500,000 if he reaches his goal. lol!

Rest In Peace Viper in the knowledge that you are the first Viper ever to be worth $1 million - in the same company as the Bugatti Veyron which retails for $1.1 million. Take that Corvette owners!

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