Unified Communications + Air-blown Fiber + Cisco + Arizona Cardinals = Interesting

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Unified Communications + Air-blown Fiber + Cisco + Arizona Cardinals = Interesting

TMC is sponsoring a very interesting free webinar hosted by Cisco and the Arizona Cardinals. To increase awareness and educate the IT public of how the Cardinals’ University of Phoenix Stadium has deployed Air-blown fiber and Cisco’s Unified Communications system to build an immediately scalable, flexible, and cost-effective network.

Air blown fiber, or ABF is a little known technology that uses compressed air or nitrogen to literally blow lightweight optical fiber cables through a tube cable at up to 150 ft per minute. Blowing distances can reach 3300 ft for two to six fiber bundles and up to 1650 ft for 12 to 18 fiber bundles. However, if two sets of blowing equipment are used in tandem, you can double these distances.

From what I hear, this TMC webinar has been getting lots of attention lately. Fortune 5000 companies or any organization looking to deploy fiber should seriously consider attending this free webinar. CIOs, CTOs, and IT Managers will especially find this webinar educational.

The Arizona Cardinals stadium was ranked among the 10 most impressive sports structures by Business Week, the only building in the United States to earn that distinction. The six-level, 1.7 million square foot stadium includes wireless network access from every seat for fans allowing them to play fantasy football, order food and beverages, access the internet and much more. Sweet!

Other features include seamless voice, data, and video for facilitating Cardinal team-member communications and real-time, simultaneous training sessions from both the stadium and training facility.

It takes place Wednesday, March 28, 2007 - 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT

You can register here.

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