WordPress outage?

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WordPress outage?

Is there a major WordPress outage? I was on Scobleizer's blog when all of a sudden his web pages started timing out. Since he is on a hosted WordPress website (didn't he switch a few months ago to Wordpress? ;) ) I tried going to www.wordpress.com and it too timed out. Hosted Wordpress bloggers are probably not very happy with the outage this Wednesday morning. I'm going to check out a few more Wordpress blogs and see if they are offline as well. I believe this is the 2nd major WordPress outage. I also just tried these Wordpress sites:

http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/ - down
http://flocksucks.wordpress.com/ - down

It appears that some WordPress pages are loading but very slowly.

Could this be a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack? I asked Om to see what he could find out.

Update: 10:47am 2/22/06
Looks like Wordpress is back online. It looks like it was roughly a 45 minute outage.

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