Packet8 e911 Problem?

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Packet8 e911 Problem?

This from a Packet8 customer:

The E911 service from Packet 8 is a great feature for new customers, but a joke for current customers. I have been a loyal Packet 8 customer for 15 months. When E911 service was finally available in my area, they informed me I would have to change my phone number to a new one to get this service. They apparently have no way to simply add Enhanced 911 service to an existing Packet 8 number. They did of course mention that I could keep my existing number and add a second line with the E911 service on it.
If I have to change my number to get 911 service on my Packet 8 number, I'll go over to Vonage or some other VoIP company that has a more technically competant operation.

I would have to concur with his sentiments. Why should he have to get a 2nd phone number or change his existing phone number? What is the stumbling block here? Is this a Packet8 technology issue on Packet8's end or some unknown "regulation" stumbling block put up by some telco that prevents e911 being added to existing telephone lines? It would be interesting if the telcos are hampering VoIP providers from provider e911 by forcing VoIP service providers to use a "certain number block" for e911 support.

I'll have to investigate this further.

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