Packet8 firmware download with new features

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Packet8 firmware download with new features

I saw this posting yesterday on the VoIP Forums about Packet8's new firmware.
VoIP Forum and other Technology Forums: Latest Packet8 firmware for download

(Just click the link above to found out where to download the latest Packet8 firmware.)

Then just today I got the press release attached below from Packet8 talking about the same new firmware! Looks like this forum poster scooped me! Bastard. Maybe I should ban him from our VoIP forums? ; )



SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 27, 2004 -- 8x8, Inc. (Nasdaq: EGHT) the Packet8 broadband voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and videophone communications service provider, today announced the availability of popular new features for its residential broadband telephone and videophone service.
The new features are provided at no additional cost to all Packet8 subscribers and work on both the standard residential telephone service as well as the new videophone service. They include:
• Call Return, *69, a service that allows a subscriber to automatically call back the last incoming local call, whether it was answered or not, without having to dial the number;
• Call Waiting Disable, *70, a service that allows a subscriber to disable call waiting on a per call basis and send all new callers to voicemail;
• Do Not Disturb, *78/*79, a service that allows users privacy without missing important messages. When the "Do Not Disturb" feature is activated, calls are routed to voicemail. A modified dial tone is presented to the subscriber, indicating do not disturb is enabled;
• Anonymous Call Blocking, *77/*87, a service that allows a subscriber to block calls from anonymous callers. If a caller has their identity blocked or sends unidentifiable information to a Packet8 number and anonymous call blocking is enabled, the caller will get a busy signal or voicemail depending on the subscriber account configuration. A modified dial tone is presented to the subscriber, indicating anonymous call blocking is enabled; and
• Local Number Portability (LNP) allows Packet8 subscribers to retain their local telephone, cellular, or internet telephone service providers' phone numbers when switching service providers. Packet8 offers this service free of charge to new or existing subscribers. This service is available only in areas where Packet8 has local exchange availability and may not be available to all subscribers.

The new services can be activated by downloading and installing the latest version of software for the Packet8 DTA (Desktop Terminal Adaptor) at Packet8 support is available 24x7 to assist customers who have questions or need assistance.

"We are pleased to announce the release of these new features to our subscribers," said Dr. Barry Andrews, president of 8x8. "These are some of the most requested features and we expect to announce additional value added services and features in the future. Our goal is to provide the best possible, high quality service with exceptional customer support at a great price point."

The new *69 call back feature is pretty cool. One point I should make is that I have heard complaints about Packet8 making promises about E911 (Enhanced 911) capabilities and that they don't back it up. That is to say, when you go to sign up on their webpage and you enter in your area, the website says "green" (E911 is supported in your area) but in fact when you sign-up, you come to find out that it does not support E911.

Bear this in mind before making E911 support your deciding factor when choosing between Packet8, Vonage, Voicepulse, etc.

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