Packet8 is in the Christmas spirit

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Packet8 is in the Christmas spirit

Packet8 is certainly in the Christmas holiday spirit early. It's not even Halloween or even Thanksgiving yet they're offering a special of two videophones at just $99 each or $198 total. They even have a bad Christmas pun - "Be elfish! Buy a Videophone for you and for someone you love this holiday season." Well, check out this email I just got:

Be Elfish! Buy a VideoPhone for You and for Someone You Love This Holiday Season

Don’t wait ‘til the Holiday shopping season to get your Packet8 VideoPhones! When the rush is on for a gift with vision, Packet8 VideoPhones may not be available. And, if you buy and activate a Holiday gift pack now, you won’t miss out on Halloween and Thanksgiving video visits.

Buy now and send your Holiday gift early. Get two Packet8 VideoPhones for only $198 (or $99 each)! The Freedom Unlimited VideoPhone plan costs $19.95 per phone per month, not including applicable taxes and fees. The service includes unlimited worldwide video calling and unlimited audio-only calling to any phone in the US and Canada.

New VideoPhone Subscribers - Activate a new VideoPhone subscription by November 30 and get a free video visit with Santa at the North Pole!

Traditionally, 8x8 runs a “Video Call Santa at the North Pole” special goodwill program for children’s hospitals throughout the U.S. This holiday season we are opening a limited number of 10-minute slots for NEW Packet8 VideoPhone subscribers who want to see and chat with Santa at the North Pole. Purchase your Packet8 VideoPhone, activate it and then send an email to the North Pole to schedule your video visit. Remember there are only a limited number of times available!

Existing VideoPhone Subscribers – Enter The Great Packet8 Santa Video Visits Contest!

We have set aside a limited number of 10-minute video sessions with Santa Claus for our current VideoPhone subscribers. If you want your children to get a chance to chat with Santa while he is at the North Pole in his workshop, simply write a short note telling us why you love your Packet8 VideoPhone and email it to We’ll read every entry and reward our favorites with a 10-minute session with Santa sometime before Christmas.

Upgrade Your Packet8 Service to Get New Features

We will soon have an exciting new feature package available for your Packet8 phone service. With this release, you will be able to employ the roaming Packet8 Enhanced 911 (E911) service when available, which will work anywhere in the United States where you are using your Packet8 service, along with the calling features outlined below.

To take advantage of these service improvements, please do the following:

1: Please go to Find your Packet8 device on the website and follow the upgrade instructions.

In November, our network and systems will begin to automatically offer the following feature enhancements on upgraded devices:

  • 7-DIGIT DIALING - to any number within the same area code as your primary Packet8 line.
  • FOLLOW ME, FIND ME – a combined hunting and multi-ringing feature that allows you to enter up to five sets of phone numbers to ring in sequence.
  • VOICEMAIL WITH EMAIL NOTIFICATION - receive an email notification with the actual message attached every time you receive voicemail. You'll be able to forward voicemails to others as an email attachment or even save them to your PC's hard drive.
  • CALL WAITING DISABLE - disable call waiting two easy ways: 1) On a per call basis - by dialing *70 before making your call or 2) For all calls - by activating/deactivating the Call Waiting feature after signing in at your account details page.
  • SIMULTANEOUS RING – ring your Packet8 number and any other number(s) you choose simultaneously.

To take advantage of these service improvements, which include 911 emergency calling, it is important that you upgrade your Packet8 device AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. FCC regulations require all internet phone service subscribers to have access to E911 service. This will not be possible unless you upgrade your existing Packet8 device. Failure to do so may result in interruption of your Packet8 service.

Don’t delay! Upgrade today and get ready to enjoy a more powerful, robust and friendly phone service. This upgrade is free of charge and certified for your protection by 8x8.

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