Target to sell Packet8

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Target to sell Packet8

Rumor has it that Target will be selling Packet8 on its shelves. This just after the recent boot that CompUSA gave Packet8. According to a source, 20 Targets will carry Packet8 products as a two month test to see if they sell. Checking Target's website I see they sell the Packet8 Videophone, though it says "Available in 4-8 weeks". They're also carrying the Packet8 DTA310 ATA, but again, only available in 4-8 weeks. Both products say they are sold "Web only" on this link, so it's still unclear for these 20 "test" Target stores, which Packet8 products they will carry.

My wife still has Target on her "banned" list because Target booted the Salvation Army from holiday bell ringing and charity donations outside their stores. Bad move Target, bad move...

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