Palm's Z22 Gets Back to Organizer Basics

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Palm's Z22 Gets Back to Organizer Basics

The Z22 organizer gets back to Palm’s roots when it decided that designing one device (a hand-held electronic organizer) to do a few select things would make everyone forget paper organizers, note pads or small pieces of paper scattered all over the place.  I started what seems ages ago with the original black & white Palm Pilot and then moved up to the V and Vx and then the Treo 600 (which added cell phone capability).  As the products moved from generation to generation, features (and complexity) kept getting added.

Now, the Z22 is designed specifically for people who haven’t seen what a handheld organizer can do (are there still people in the world like that?) and who believe that simple is better.

Infinitely faster and better feeling than its Palm Pilot ancestor (the Z22’s color screen is great!), the Z22 makes everything super simple; a touch of a button or tapping the built-in stylus on the screen brings up your appointments, contacts, tasks and memos.  You can also access the note pad, expense tracker, calculator and world clock functions quickly an easily. 

The note pad function is particularly cool – for super fast memo taking it captures your handwriting on the screen as a new item.  The Z22 can also store photos in its 32MB memory.

It’s available for $99 direct from Palm (

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