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Baby Pictures

Below are two professional baby pictures taken of Megan Lyn Keating, along with Jessie on the left and Darby on the right, that I thought I'd share. Both Darby and Jessie are like a "rock" when either my wife or I tell them to "stay", so they were very good during the lengthy picture taking process.

At one point Megan started to cry and Jessie turned her head to try and console her. Technically, she broke her "stay" since she moved, but I'd rather have Jessie express her concern for Megan. Besides her butt was still planted to the floor, so on second thought she did stay. In fact, I just remembered we actually use a different command "hold" for when the dogs can't even move their head. We have two of the best dogs in the whole world and I'm not just saying that. Ok, so I'm biased, shoot me.

Dogs are smarter with more complex emotions than we give them credit for. Jessie from the moment we brought Megan home has been very gentle with her, approaching very gingerly and with "light" kisses when we permit it. She realizes she needs to be more gentle with her. In any event, hope you enjoy the cute baby with dogs pictures.


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