Back from Disney World

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Back from Disney World

Well, I made it back from Disney World late last night and made the mistake of checking my email and my blog before going to bed. Over 500 Trackback spam to my blog, 3502 unread messages in my Inbox (some legit, some spam), and 1330 unread email in my Junk email folder. Yes, it is good to be back in the sea of spam. Oh how I missed you dearly on my vacation! Thank you for such a stupendous, record-setting welcome on my return! WOW! I feel so loved by all. Thank you for your refinance offers, thank you for your diet pills and valium, and thank you for all the wonderful offers of romantic encounters with beautiful women. What have I done to deserve this attention? I get choked up just thinking of how much my email address is loved by spammers.

Thanks to the love given by these spammers, I was up till past 1am last night deleting spammers' trackback and email spam. It was a time I shall never have back again. Yes, I lost some sleep reading and deleting all of this spam, but the time we shared together was worth it. Yes, I truly do love spammers with all of my heart and soul. In fact, I must repay their act of love & kindness towards me.

So if any spammers are reading this, please visit me sometime so I may repay you for your acts of kindness. Yes, please visit me at my home. Don't even bother to knock. Just come right on in, and I'm not home, just kick your shoes off and relax. And don't worry - I don't own a gun. Really... I don't...
{machine gun clip}

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