Burger King Fries Suck

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Burger King Fries Suck

It's rare I go to Burger King, it's been over 2 years, but I was in a rush so I went through the drive-thru and picked up some chicken tenders, fries, and a Diet Pepsi. Burger King's french fries still suck compared to McDonald's french fries (freedom fries?). Burger King fries used to be good like 15 years ago, but then they went and changed their formula like a gazillion times to try and taste as good as McDonalds fries. Alas, their fries still fall short...

Anyway, I was reading the box on the chicken tenders and it had some amusing text, I thought I'd share:

A lot of people ask us what makes our CHICKEN TENDERS well, so tender. And while we would love to say it's because we play 80's power ballads for them all day long, it just wouldn't be true. But you've got to admit, it would be pretty funny if it were.

Ah yes, the 80's and power ballads - affectionately known as "monster ballads". Life doesn't get any better than listening to some 80's monster ballads.

Further, my drink cup had some interesting text as well. I don't recall the exact text, but it said something about "cups talk", and it gave an example. It said that the sound your drink makes sucking through a straw when you reach the bottom of the cup is called "chatter".

Looks like BK is trying to be cool and hip. But their fries still suck, so I don't care how cool or hip their marketing slogans are. Burger King's famous slogan is "Have it your Way"... Well, they can have it their way which it to overcook the fries and to have this weird crunchiness on the skin, but I'll have it my way which is to hit the highway and find the next McDonalds.

Yep, I think when I'm in the mood for fast food I'll stick with my McDonalds and Duchess (Northeast chain with great fries & hot dogs), thank you very much.

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