Down Range : Navy SEALs in the War on Terrorism Book

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Down Range : Navy SEALs in the War on Terrorism Book

Regardless of your political beliefs, whether you support the War on Terror, the war in Iraq, or the war in Afghanistan, I think all Americans can agree to support our men and women who serve in the U.S. military - many of wihch battle each day to stay alive.

First, hat tip to Instapundit for pointing out a new book titled " written by Dick Couch, himself a former Navy SEAL and CIA case officer. This book talks about the secret covert war fought by the Navy SEALS to stop and kill terrorists.

An Amazon review reads, "An intimate account of the deadly work of the U.S. Navy SEALs. We associate the Navy's special forces with maritime operations, but in the war against terrorists they have been almost everywhere--from the high mountains of Afghanistan blowing up Taliban ordnance to the streets of Mosul hunting down former Baathists and al-Qaedists. Down Range is a fascinating, behind-the-scenes account of how the SEALs fight and why they are so good at it--written by a seasoned veteran in gripping fashion." --Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow, the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and author of Ripples of Battle"

Another enticing review reads:
"Couch creates a pulse-pounding, detailed narrative of the definitive engagements of this war, while painting an unusually intimate portrait of these warriors in the field. The performance of the SEALs in difficult, changing environments--in the heat of the Afghan desert, in the snow-packed Hindu Kush, on the high seas, and in the urban chaos of Baghdad--has been nothing short of extraordinary. The SEALs, coordinating with other American forces, the CIA, and foreign special operations units like the Polish GROM, have once more shown their genius for improvisation and capacity for courageous action in leading the fight against this new and vicious enemy."

I will be adding this to my reading list. This goes beyond political beliefs and I therefire encourage anyone else to know what our brave young men and women are going through. It's the least we can do.

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