Flight 93 heroes, I salute you with my tears

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Flight 93 heroes, I salute you with my tears

Today is the 4th anniversary of 9/11. I just finished watching Discovery Channel's The Flight That Fought Back (Flight 93) and after four years I was not expecting the emotional onslaught that this TV show would bring. No, I didn't personally lose anyone on 9/11 - just my fellow Americans. The scene where the Pennsylvania state troopers lined up in attention and saluted the buses filled with grieving familes visiting the crash site brought streaming tears to my eyes.

I'm not one to be brought to tears easily, but if I am to shed tears, my manly pride gladly accepts these tears for these heroes that fought for their lives and the lives of Americans on the ground.

Thank you to the 40 heroes on that flight that fought the first battle on the war on terror.

My tears are my salute to you.

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