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Google for "Blog"

I was curious the top "general" blogs in the blogosphere, so I did what any person would do - I Googled it.

Why is it that John Kerry's website is ranked so highly on Google for "blog"? - a general search term? I refuse to give John Kerry any more Google PR, so I won't include the link to his site, but I'm sure you can figure it out. He is the 11th link and the 8th overall domain listed for the "blog" keyword.

I checked his site and I see virtually no continuous updating of the site with John Kerry's insights. In fact, I only see one "story" on his home page about military families. The whole purpose of a blog (short for weblog) is to be a daily log of a person's thoughts and opinions. I'm sure during the tumultuous 2004 election campaign, John Kerry or his supporters probably updated this site regularly and thus probably deserved a high ranking on Google. But certainly not any more.

John Kerry's so-called "blog" is just above the following well-known and/or respected blogs:
- PowerLine Blog
- Wil Wheaton (yes, of Star Trek The Next Generation fame) - good blog, go check it out

The only links about John Kerry for the keyword "blog" are:
- #1 - (owned by Google)
- #2 -
- #3 -
- #4 -
- #5 - - Hmmm, just realized this is the Republican National Committee. It too shouldn't be listed as a "blog". At least Google gave the libs and the conservatives equal time in the Top 12.

But where are the other major blogs? Instapundit and The Drudge Report surely deserve high rankings as do their liberal counterparts, i.e. Wonkette.

Ack! I just noticed Michael Moore's "blog" is in the Top 15! What the...

Alas, I've given up figuring out the Google Juice. What seems logical to me apparently is not part of the master Google formula. One day some brilliant Einstein-ian will reverse engineer the Google juice and scientists will study this formula for decades to come.

Till then, I guess I will have to do my Google search like this:

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