Healthy French Fries?

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Healthy French Fries?

Healthy French Fries? How can this be? My Burger King Fries Suck blog entry sure drew a lot of comments both from avid Burger King fries fans and haters. What piqued my interest was a new comment from someone that proclaimed a new french fry with just 50 calories! Impossible I thought. Even with a new type of low-fat low-calorie oil, a potato naturally has too many calories (since a lot of carbs). So I contacted the comment poster and asked about the "healthy french fries".

He responded:

I am currently selling it in health food supermarkets and they are on the menu
for patients in the Houston Medical Center. Sales are going better than
expected. No... It is not a potato. (no-carbs). It is made from soy with a
natural seasoning (secret ingredients that make it taste like a potato). I
recommend cooking it in no more than 3 tablespoons of saflower, baked or it
works great in a George Forman grill sprayed with PAM. NEVER DEEP
. Kids and adults love them. They retail for $4.99. A family of
3-4 can barely finish a 1lb. container because it is all protein. A national
news release goes out next Monday on I fully expect Burger King,
McDonalds, Wendy's etc. will be getting in touch with me real soon.


When I was diagnosed with high cholesterol from the Baylor College of
Medicine Lipid Research Center, I had to modify my diet to low fat or no fat
foods. With the push for school systems to get rid of the junk food, I have
been contacted recently by one who wants a proposal for 600lbs. I chose to go
the medical route first, then the school systems because I refuse to pay
slotting charges at supermarkets for the right to display my Healthy Fries on
their shelves.

Hmmm, soy-based french fries? Well, I hope his french fries taste as good as he says they do, and if Burger King, McDonald's, Wendy's etc. do come "knocking" on his door, I hope the fast food chains will still keep the greasy, fatty, high caloric french fries as an option. (Or at least McDonalds's does anyway, I could care less about Burger King) I do love my McDonald's fries from time to time. They can't be beat - my cholesterol levels be damned!

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