How do you fix duct-tape?

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How do you fix duct-tape?

Duct Tape RollA friend of mine, Evan, forwarded me a story link titled "1 Killed in Blast at S.C. Duct-Tape Plant" that by itself isn't all that interesting. However, Evan pondered an interesting point about this explosion in a duct-tape plant. That is, he pondered, "Hmmm. Mystery of the ages: if duct tape fixes everything, how do they fix duct tape?"

Good one, Evan! It's not often I get a chuckle out of Evan's jokes (actually almost never), so congratulations Evan, finally one of your jokes made it to one of my blog entries!

Speaking of duct tape and its many uses, check out these photos...

A Really bad Boy Scout trying to win the Pine Derby Model Car Racing contest?

Duct Tape Purse. No more expensive tears in leather to worry about. Just patch it up!

Tired of your kids burying you in the sand? Try this instead...
Duct Tape Man

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