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Personal and Humor

Personal and Humor

Atlantis Shuttle's Sandra Magnus has Bad Hair Day During Video Call to President Obama

July 18, 2011

The STS-135 mission is the last shuttle mission, so I decided to check out the video call with President Obama. As I was watching the Atlantis crew video call with President Obama I noticed Sandra Hall Magnus had a "hair malfunction". For a split second I thought Carrot Top had stowed aboard the Atlantis shuttle! See for yourself:

[click for larger view]

Damn that zero gravity!

Disney PhotoPass Photos Bent by Callous Post Office

July 5, 2011

My family and I took a trip to Disney World in May and snapped lots of pictures with our digital camera, but we also took advantage of Disney PhotoPass. This is a service where Disney employees snap professional photos in certain prime photo areas of the parks. Each Disney PhotoPass photoshoot results in then giving you a card with a unique code, which you then enter into the website for ordering prints and such.

I was excited to receive the photos we ordered. To my horror when I opened the mailbox one day, I saw this:

Isn't it lovely how the United States Post Office handled our family's memories of our trip?

Feel the Nostalgia! Turn Rotary Phone into a VoIP Handset!

May 31, 2011

Now normally you wouldn't want to use a corded phone to make VoIP calls and be chained to a 6 foot corded talk distance. That is unless of course you want to feel the nostalgia of the early 1980s (and earlier) by using a rotary corded phone to make VoIP calls. Tyler Brainerd found an old Model 500 rotary phone at Goodwill, which he then turned into a handset for his computer.

He explained, "I am a rather heavy google voice user, and I was thrilled when google implemented calling through gmail, except for one thing. I use a desktop, which has only a token crap webcam, and not a decent microphone at all.

Stop Organizing your Emails into Folders! It's Less Efficient

May 23, 2011

Stop organizing your emails into FOLDERS right now! Yes, I'm talking to you neurotic-email-folder-organizing-bastards! You've been doing it all wrong!

According to Gizmodo, "A recent study from IBM research confirms a belief I've maintained for years.

Disney World Vacation Trip Report

May 19, 2011

I was in Disney World for the last 8 days and just returned yesterday. While I was away I used a webcam, Yet Another Webcam software (YAWCAM), motion detection, Dropbox, and my iPhone to keep an eye on my house. But I'll post my remote surveillance recipe at a later date. I have to research and write up the TMC Labs Innovation Awards for Internet Telephony Magazine.

For now here are some highlights from our trip to Orlando, Florida:
We really enjoyed the Voyage of the Little Mermaid at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney MGM Studios).

iPad 2 Review Video (Parody)

March 11, 2011

Snow Blower Revenge: Man Buries Car of Woman who Stole his Shovel

February 7, 2011

A Chicago man who works for a security company was none to pleased to discover his snow shovel was stolen. But as Warner Wolf would say "Let's go to the videotape!". David Welles checked out his security footage from the many surveillance cameras around his house, according to the Chicago Tribune and discovered a woman swiping his shovel from his front steps.

A 2nd camera saw the woman go around the corner and then use his snow shovel to dig out her car. His 2 year old daughter cried and was upset that her dad couldn't finish making a snow igloo.

Cell Phone Time Traveller Caught on 1928 Film?

October 28, 2010

Put on your conspiracy tin foil hats boys and girls, this ones a doozy! A woman is seen in a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film "The Circus" appearing to hold a a cell phone to her ear. Of course, there are no cell phone towers back in 1928, so this must be a futuristic Star Trek communicator or some kind that doesn't need any stinkin' towers. 5 bars of signal everywhere you go!

Most Excellent (Find) on Google Maps - Wayne & Garth

July 6, 2010

You can find the funniest and coolest things on Google Maps, Google Earth, and especially Google Street View. There was the possible discovery of Atlantis on Google Earth, and the uncovering of an unknown forest containing undiscovered species in Mt. Mabu. And now with Google's mapping vans touring the world to capture every street in 360 degrees, some interesting sites can be beholden. For instance, in Google Map's Street View Horse-boy was discovered, a strange reverse Centaur that sports a human body with a horse head:

Click image above to see it on Google Maps.

Then we have Angry Norwegians in Scuba gear chasing the Google Street View van for a most hilarious photo capture. Or how bout the two guys scrambling to pose for Google Street View? Classic!

But we may now have the "most excellent" Google discovery ever!

USPS Ate My Netflix DVD. Damn you USPS! Or was it Animal?

June 15, 2010

So I check my mail awaiting a couple of Netflix when what do my eyes behold? Two glorious red envelopes - which means I received both movies my family and I wanted to watch. When what do my eyes behold? One of the Netflix envelopes is simply the outer tear off sheet that has my home address on it.
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