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Personal and Humor

Personal and Humor

Megan is just too cute for words

November 1, 2006

My Encounter with a Chupacabra

July 12, 2006

Let me tell you the story of my encounter with what could have been the famed chupacabra - also known as the goat sucker from its reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock. Late one evening, I let my dog Jessie outside to pee. It was a nice warm evening so I stepped outside to check out the stars. As I stepped outside onto my deck, I saw 50 feet to my left what looked like red fire or a small red flame in some bushes, but the bush wasn't being consumed.

Keating's Blast from the past

July 11, 2006

Some high school friends of mine sent me a photo of me with my senior semi date Doreen Orsatti. One of the more intriguing things I remember about Doreen is that she was fearful of highways since she didn't like high speed. She closed her eyes all the way from Waterbury on RT 8 until I got off the exit for the senior semi and I was on my best driving behavior. No quick sprints up to 165mph or anything like that.

Vonage IPO Lawsuit and my Lawsuit over my Cold Pizza

June 5, 2006

Sure, all the hubbub is over Vonage users suing Vonage over their failed IPO and refusing to pay for their Vonage shares, but I have my own pending lawsuit against Vonage - and it's over my cold pizza.

Last night, I ordered a large sausage pizza from La Familia in Brookfield. I gave them my address and home phone number, which was a Norwalk exchange since I kept my Norwalk phone number when I moved to Brookfield. Apparently, the driver looked at the phone number (854-XXXX) and knew it wasn't a Brookfield exchange, so he thought it was a Newtown phone number, which coincidentally also has the exact street name as my house. So he drove on I-84 to exit 10 (20 min away from my house) and knocked on the door of some unsuspecting residents who told them they didn't order a pizza.

The delivery guy then called my house and asked where I lived.

Baby Pictures

June 1, 2006

Below are two professional baby pictures taken of Megan Lyn Keating, along with Jessie on the left and Darby on the right, that I thought I'd share. Both Darby and Jessie are like a "rock" when either my wife or I tell them to "stay", so they were very good during the lengthy picture taking process.

At one point Megan started to cry and Jessie turned her head to try and console her. Technically, she broke her "stay" since she moved, but I'd rather have Jessie express her concern for Megan. Besides her butt was still planted to the floor, so on second thought she did stay.

Hacked Megan Lyn Keating's Professional Hospital photo

April 24, 2006

I went to Danbury Hospital's website to look at the "professional" photo taken by the hospital staff and uploaded to a website called My wife and I haven't yet decided whether or not to use the "professional" photo for the baby announcements, nor have we decided if we are going to order a set of baby pictures from their website. Regardless, I wanted to save a digital copy of this photo to my own PC. When I clicked on the thumbnail image on to enlarge it, I received a popup window with the image.

Megan Lyn Keating

April 23, 2006

Star Wars Kid settles lawsuit

April 7, 2006

In the Globe and Mail today, news that Ghyslain "Star Wars Kid" Raza and parents have settled their lawsuit against school bullies who released the infamous video onto the interwebs. As Ghyslain Raza recalled, whenever he walked by his high school's common areas, other students would jump on tables and chant, "Star Wars Kid! Star Wars Kid!" There would be a commotion as they shouted and poked at him, trying to get a reaction. "It was simply unbearable," he said.

MBNA call center agent training - what not to do

March 14, 2006

I was playing my voice messages and apparently an MBNA call center agent was trying to "upsell" me on my MBNA account. I know this because the call center agent didn't realize my voicemail picked up, she forgot to hang up, and she started talking to her fellow agents about "call sales". I recorded it here, take a listen.

She asked her fellow agents if they knew what "call sales are" and then explained it by saying "Call sales means they are already a MBNA customer or have been before. The first thing you want to do on a call sale is thank them for being a customer and let them know how much MBNA values them as a customer.

Open mouth, insert foot and Nokia N90 to the 911 rescue

January 9, 2006

A few weeks ago I was leaving church when my wife and I were sidewiped by an out-of-stater, who apparently thought the left lane was clear and tried to make a left hand turn right into our Taurus's passenger doors. Damn New Yorkers! So we pull to the side of the road and after confirming my wife was ok, I calmly get out and ask the driver if he's OK. I know in the past I've gotten hit and I was really ticked off, but for some reason I was at peace.

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