Keating's Blast from the past

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Keating's Blast from the past

Doreen Orsatti and Tom KeatingSome high school friends of mine sent me a photo of me with my senior semi date Doreen Orsatti. One of the more intriguing things I remember about Doreen is that she was fearful of highways since she didn't like high speed. She closed her eyes all the way from Waterbury on RT 8 until I got off the exit for the senior semi and I was on my best driving behavior. No quick sprints up to 165mph or anything like that. I can't imagine how she'd react today in my 450HP Viper. I guess it's a good thing we broke up and I married a fellow speed freak (Nicole) instead.

I can't believe that was me in 1989. Damn I was skinny. And would you take a look at those Coke bottle glasses? Like I told my friends, "What kind of friends are you guys? Why the hell didn’t you guys tell me to get normal looking glasses? Those things are friggin goggles!"

Well, at least I'm much cooler looking now. Ok, maybe not. I'm still a geek. But at least I'm no longer a 140lb skinny geek. I'm a 190lb, 15lb overweight geek!

Take a gander at the table shot photo below. Look at all the guys' mullets and the ladies' poofy 80's Aqua Net hair! Ah yes, the 80s were the pinnacle of fashion and culture. What a blast the 80s were. Can we bring back the mullet? Please? Hey, if bellbottoms can make a comeback, don't discount the power of the mullet!
Seymour High School Senior Semi

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