MBNA call center agent training - what not to do

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MBNA call center agent training - what not to do

I was playing my voice messages and apparently an MBNA call center agent was trying to "upsell" me on my MBNA account. I know this because the call center agent didn't realize my voicemail picked up, she forgot to hang up, and she started talking to her fellow agents about "call sales". I recorded it here, take a listen.

She asked her fellow agents if they knew what "call sales are" and then explained it by saying "Call sales means they are already a MBNA customer or have been before. The first thing you want to do on a call sale is thank them for being a customer and let them know how much MBNA values them as a customer. Those are the things you want to emphasize on a call sale".

Gee, just what I wanted to hear. MBNA agents have a script for thanking me for being such a valued customer. Such feigned gratitude! Thanks a lot. Granted I already knew it was scripted, as are all these types of calls, but I didn't need it blatantly pointed out to me. Now I feel like just another MBNA number. Just for that, I'm going to transfer that entire $20,000 MBNA balance over to Chase - they've got this 1.99% promotion for the life of the balance going on any way. Yeah, yeah, I'll show them for treating me like a number. :D

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