McDonalds Drive-thru Gets a Microsoft BSOD!

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McDonalds Drive-thru Gets a Microsoft BSOD!

mcdonalds-bsod.jpg I was going through a Microsoft drive-thru when I saw the dreaded Blue Screen of Death on the McDonalds computer screen. Not good. Check out the video:

Part of the message reads:
A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.



Yeah, well, it may be bad for me, but I want my quarter pounder with fries and I want them now. This is fast food damn it, and I can't wait 10 minutes for the computer to reboot. Can I sue for claiming to be "fast food" when they're making me wait? Hey, if some lady can get $640,000 for spilling coffee which is 'expected' to be hot, then surely I can sue for not receiving my fast food in a time fashion - which is 'not expected'.

My state's (Connecticut) Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal is going to hear about this! Oh wait, a minute, he's got problems of his own.

Damn it! This is enough to make me want to go to Burger King -- if their fries didn't suck so bad.

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Feedback for McDonalds Drive-thru Gets a Microsoft BSOD!


Heh, nice points about cranky software and fast food. BTW, that $640,000 was intended to send McDonald's a message--scores of other folks had been burned by their coffee before and had filed lawsuits (which were settled out of court by McDonald's).

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