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Not Citing Sources!

Geez, I just blogged this morning about the "hoopla" behind the Vonage deal with and I pointed out that I had a "scoop" involving a company that added VoIP support to alarm systems BEFORE I stated that NextAlarm was first to do this and I stated as such in my blog entry both this morning and in a blog entry I wrote about a few months ago.

Well, wouldn't you know it, but not even 4 hours later I get a popup on my RSS reader with the title No Need for Alarm Over Home Security and VoIP. Curious to see what was about since I just wrote about VoIP & alarm systems I clicked on the link. Lo and behold this article STEALS my "scoop" and pretty much my entire analysis without citing me as a source.

That is a big no-no in the blogosphere or any journalism outlet for that matter.

In fact, the entire premise of this "other" article is identical to my blog. I start my talking about the buzz around Vonage and, then I point out that they are not the first to do this, then I reference my blog entry from a few months ago which explains why alarm systems and VoIP often have technical issues. This is the same exact premise and format followed by this "other" article.

Compare mine:
There was lots of "hoopla" yesterday about the Vonage deal with to allow home alarm systems to work on VoIP lines

Other article:
VoIP service provider Vonage's marketing machine has been busily promoting the company's partnership with <snip>... But while the PR blitz may be making a big splash..

Compare mine:
What these articles neglect to mention is that was not the first to offer an alarm system that works on a VoIP phone line. In fact, I blogged about the first VoIP-capable alarm system which also happens to be "VoIP service provider agnostic" a few months ago. (works with Vonage, Packet8, AT&T CallVantage, etc.) <snip> In fact, I had a "scoop" about the first VoIP-compatible alarm system provided by NextAlarm

With this "article":
... the alliance is not the first system that allows its users cut the cord on PSTN service. Ojai, CA based claims that distinction for its Alarm Broadband Network (ABN), which was introduced in January, 2005.

There are too many other similarities to even try to list. I will say they did contact NextAlarm and get some quotes from them that were included in the article, so at least that is different from my blog entry.

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