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SuperComm News

SuperComm is just around the corner and there will be lots of VoIP news I am sure. Already I've been given some news scoops under NDA that I'm holding under my hat. Unfortunately, I won't make it to SuperComm this year. However, this doesn't mean TMC & Internet Telephony Magazine won't be representin' at the show.

In fact, Greg Galitzine, Editor of Internet Telephony, and Rich Tehrani, Group Publisher & President with be at SuperComm checking out and covering the latest VoIP news. Rich Tehrani will also be speaking at SuperComm at a session titled "VoIP Services & Networks", so be sure to check that out.

And most importantly, TMC is throwing a party with complimentary appetizers, cocktails and soft drinks. So if you're in the VoIP space or telecom space in general, then you need to be at this party in the Sears Tower. I'm just sorry I'm going to miss it. Those Luvabulls (Chicago Bulls cheerleaders) will be waiting for you when you get there. You can even have your picture taken with them. It's RSVP only to the party, so go to the RSVP SuperComm party link.

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