The Biggest Loser Finale

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The Biggest Loser Finale

This is the Biggest Loser Finale results week. Hopefully, you've been keeping track of my local gym's The Biggest Loser competition and enjoying my weekly updates. Here's a recap:

Week 1 (Jan 14th) - weighed in at 198lbs (original weight)
Week 2 (Jan 21st) - weighed in at 189lbs (-9 lbs)
Week 3 (Jan 28th) - weighted in at 189lbs (0 change)
Week 4 (Feb 4th) - weighed in at 186lbs (-3 lbs)
Week 5 (Feb 11th) - weighed in at 186lbs (0 change)
Week 6 (Feb 18th) - weighed in at 184lbs (-2 lbs).
Week 7 (Feb 25th) - weighed in at 183lbs (-1 lbs).
Week 8 (March 3rd) - weighed in at 180lbs (-3 lbs).
Week 9 (March 10th) - weighed in at 180lbs (0 change).
Week 10 (March 17th) - weighed in at 174lbs (-6 lbs).
Week 11 (March 24th) - weighed in at 174lbs (0 change).

This week (finale):
Week 12 (March 31st) - weighed in at 170lbs (-4 lbs).

I worked my tail off this weekend, including a 3.5 hour workout on Saturday that included over 5 miles on the treadmill as well as weight training. The gym owner noticing my lengthy workout commented "You've been here almost 4 hours? You really want to win the free gym membership, don't you?"

Well, as of 3pm today, everyone has weighed in for the final time. And the winner is...

[drumroll please]

I won the gym's Biggest Loser contest with a 14.14% percentage loss and 28lbs! My wife came from behind to tie for 2nd place with a 9.6% loss, which means the Keating family dominated The Biggest Loser contest. Too bad this wasn't The Biggest Loser Couples.

Ok, and now the Final Top 6 Leaderboard (15 total contestants):

1) TOM 28 lbs lost = 14.14%
2) NICOLE (18 lbs lost) and JOAN (14 lbs lost) = 9.6%
3) KIM 19 lbs lost = 7.7%
4) SHAWN 11.5 lbs lost = 6.7%
5) MARY 10 lbs lost = 4.7%
6) ERIN 7.75 lbs lost = 4.4%

Not only did I win 1st prize (free 1-year gym membership), but my wife and I were on the same team with 3 other players and we also won the "team prize" ($50 AMEX gift card) since we had the largest percentage loss as a team as seen here:

Team Leaderboard by Trainer:
Team One Lisa's Team (includes Nicole, me, and 3 others): 7.6%
Team Two Sally's Team: 3.9%
Team Three Danielle's Team: 2.9%

But it's not over... While the gym Biggest Loser competition is over, the race goes on. I still have to win the TMC Biggest Loser competition which ends May 1st. Reminds me of a famous scene in Ben-Hur - one of the greatest movies of all time - where Messala tells Judah Ben-Hur that the battle is not over...

Ben-Hur: Where are they? Where are they? (shouting) Where are they?
Messala: (vengefully) Look for them in the Valley of the Lepers, if you can recognize them. (grabbing Judah's clothing) It goes on. It goes on, Judah. The race, the race is not over.

Ben Hur Messala The Race is not Over

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