Vipers, 3000GTs, and Shelby Cobras

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Vipers, 3000GTs, and Shelby Cobras

3000GT-VR4 Spyder Convertible
Had a fun day in the Viper yesterday. Yesterday morning while commuting to work in the Viper, I ran into a twin-turbo 3000GT-VR4 Spyder convertible, which is a very rare car - only 877 of these convertible twin-turbos were ever made. By comparison, a staggering 1,875 SRT-10 Vipers were made just in 2003 alone. I caught up to the 3000GT-VR4 Spyder and we talked for a bit. I told him my 3000GT-SL was back at home.

here's my Viper at my wedding:

Shelby Cobra replicaThen when driving home I ran into a Shelby Cobra - also a very rare car. I caught up to him and noticed iPod ear buds in his ears. As I passed him on the right approaching a light I lifted up my iPod and hung it over the driver window so he could see I was iPodding as well. Although I was using an FM transmitter to transmit my iPod songs to the FM radio instead of wearing the iPod earbuds. I wonder if wearing iPod earbuds while driving is illegal?

Eleanor - Gone in 60 SecondsWe talked for a brief bit at the light and he told me it was a replica and that he built it himself. He had a license plate that read "BETSY-2". Is that like the name "Eleanor" named after a Shelby Mustang from the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds"? He mentioned that ironically he just test drove a SRT-10 Viper the day before.

He then said, “You’ve got a bigger motor than me.”

I said, “That’s OK, I’ll let you go first on the green.” (I'm all about being courteous ya know)

The light turned green and I let him go first. We had some nice open road ahead so he floored it. I was on his bumper (a safe distance) the whole time. Only gave the gas 80% power. We both enjoyed the mini-acceleration race. (up to the legal speed limit of course!) Yeah, right...

So yesterday I saw two pretty rare cars – even if one was only a replica of a Shelby Cobra it is still a swwweet looking car..

The Viper just seems to attract attention wherever it goes. Although I will say that the day before I was at Subway and a group of 4 kids on scooters were surrounding my red 3000GT admiring it. I guess because they don’t make them any more and they aren't bad looking cars either.

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