Yahoo Mail Sucks

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Yahoo Mail Sucks

A friend of mine uses Yahoo Mail and just recently I noticed that when he sends me web links, the URLs get cut off and split onto two lines, thus simply clicking on the link doesn't work. What gives? The last time I remember encountering this was when I was
using <cough> <murmur> AOL's mail client several years ago.

Here's an example:

Notice the URL is cut? You have to click the first link then go back to the email and copy/paste the remaining/missing part. Or you can do two copy/pastes. It's such a pain in the butt to have to copy/paste the web link TWICE just to view a web page.

I believe the old UNIX mail systems were configured to split any line past the 80th character, but haven't we moved beyond the 80 character per line limit by now? I mean, c'mon already!

Interestingly, the above URL cuts out at the 77th character not the 80th.

For now, my Yahoo buddy is emailing me links using TinyURLs which redirect to the long URL. But that puts the onus on him to go to TinyURL's site, copy/paste the weblink, create a unique TinyURL and then copy/paste than into an email. Or he can use the TinyURL Firefox plugin, but still an extra step.

Anyone else have this problem with links sent via Yahoo Mail or know how to fix it? Let me know.

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