Yankees Cup Stolen!

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Yankees Cup Stolen!

yankees-cup.jpgDamn it all, my lucky 2000 Yankees World Series souvenir cup was stolen (similar to one on right). The large soda cup was from the first ever Subway Series World Series game against the New York Mets. The game was a classic and was won by the Yankees in the 12th inning. The Yankees won it on a liner to the left field stands where I was sitting. I used this large cup as my daily water cup at the office since it was large and only need refilling once per day. The first thing I do in the morning is fill my water cup, but when I entered my office (closed but unlocked door) I immediately noticed my cup was gone! Is it those devious Red Sox fans in the office? Hmm...

To quote Warner Wolf, "Let's go to the video tape!". I launched my browser to one of TMC's IP camera surveillance recorders which happens to monitor just outside my office. After opening my browser I set the time and date range and then increased the playback speed to 16x. In about 3 minutes I was able to see blue uniformed personnel, the maintenance / cleaning crew roaming the aisles. Then one of them came to my door and entered. When she exited at 6:10:32pm, she had my cup in hand! omg

I continued the playback and watched her go past the trash and go into the kitchen. Great, I thought, she's probably putting it into a cupboard or cleaning it, since I did have a powdered drink mix in it that had dried. They were speaking Spanish, so I couldn't make out what she was saying. However, I could overhear a co-worker, Sarah saying something like "Just look at it". Her tone seemed to indicate the cup was dirty and should be tossed out. She better not be a Red Sox fan! angry-punchingThen I see the cleaning woman coming back to my office. Maybe she's putting it back?:

As I continued the video playback I saw her go back towards the kitchen and then out of view. But then I saw my large Yankees cup hovering above the trash. NOOOOOO!!!

Don't DOOO IT!!!

I had that cup for 11 years Good bye Yankees cup. It was a good run... smiley-cry


And down it goes! She didn't even use the recycling bin, so you will likely land up in some trash landfill slowly decaying over the next 10,000 years.

But wait! I see Rich Tehrani, my boss entering the picture and walking towards the trash barrel. He knows I've had this cup for 11 years. Maybe he saw them throw it out and he'll rescue it:

Now it looks like he's reaching into the trash:

Alas, he was just raising hand to wave goodbye to the cleanup crew. It's gone. It's truly gone! crying-animated

I guess it's time to lock my office door from now on.

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